839.00/2726a: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Minister in the Dominican Republic (Russell)


29. The Acting Military Governor of Santo Domingo has informed the Navy Department by telegraph that the smuggling of arms has reached such large proportions as to make the Dominican situation very grave; that the antagonism against the United States endangers the future interests of the Occupation; that the safety of the brigade and the preparation of plans for any contingency require that the brigade obtain information from day to day but lack of funds is seriously curtailing activities in this direction; and a request is made that $2,000 for the purpose of intelligence be placed at the disposal of the quartermaster of the brigade.

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The Navy Department proposes to send the commander of the Special Service Squadron in the Rochester to investigate the situation. The Department desires you to state immediately by telegraph your opinion whether the visit of an American warship at this time would affect the political situation unfavorably, and also to express your views on the Acting Military Governor’s telegram.