839.00/2730: Telegram

The Minister in the Dominican Republic ( Russell ) to the Secretary of State


40. Your No. 29, August 3, 1 p.m. In an earlier despatch6 I have already outlined the situation regarding the importation of arms. Intelligence agents are actively engaged at present in efforts to investigate all information available as to the existence of arms and have ascertained that quantities of firearms and some ammunition have been in fact smuggled into the Republic. Several revolutionary agents from one of the South American republics are in the country and it may be that they are endeavoring to use this place as a base for a revolutionary movement against their own country. Intelligence agents in the southwest dug up last week a large sack of hidden ammunition.

I do not think the situation would be unfavorably affected if the Rochester should come as a naval transport, as these transports are constantly arriving. I have received assurances that the decree calling for the elections will be issued not later than the 20th.

  1. Not printed.