839.00/2743b: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Minister in the Dominican Republic ( Russell )

42. Please advise Department by cable, after consultation with the President and Secretary of the Interior, on the following points:

Have the central, provincial and municipal electoral boards been functioning in a satisfactory manner?
Has the Central Electoral Board adopted regulations, supplementary to the provisions of the Electoral Law, amply sufficient to govern the procedure of the other electoral boards?
Have inspectors been appointed by the Central Electoral Board to maintain constant supervision over the activities of the lower boards?
Has the Government placed at the disposition of the Central Electoral Board all the material required by the Law for distribution to the electoral boards and the voting booths?
Has the Government been advised of any unlawful coercion exercised by the members of the Policia Nacional Dominicana, by the alcaldes pedañeos, or local police officials, and if so, have remedial measures been adopted?