839.00/2756: Telegram

The Minister in the Dominican Republic ( Russell ) to the Secretary of State

63. Your telegram number 45, October 10, 5 p.m. President states that he is willing to do anything to solve the present difficulty created by the decision of Central Electoral Board in the case of the rejection of Vasquez Alliance in La Vega Province but that his attitude has always been one of absolute neutrality in everything appertaining to elections and he does not believe that it will conduce to any good if the Provisional Government [were] made the target for the bitter attack that is sure to come from the Coalition Party if he should take the initiative and suggest the solution proposed. He says that if the Department authorizes him he will confer with the Central Board and propose the solution as coming from the American Government which is so desirous that the elections take place with the utmost [Page 910] freedom for all the Dominican people. Since the impeachment charges were preferred against the two nonpolitical members, the Central Board has not been functioning. University has been unable to find an impartial professor.