422.11 G 93/1292b: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Minister in Ecuador ( Bading )

19. Department’s 17, November 6, 3 p.m., and 18, December 6, 5 p.m. Messrs. Hartman [Harman] and Farr20 have just informed Department of activities of Ethelburga Syndicate in London with view to concluding arrangements for bringing out loan. In view of this and the fact that the loan contract has received congressional approval and needs no other formalities before being signed they fear that it may be signed before intention of Government in this matter could become known. You are instructed to discuss matter immediately with the President and unless he gives you categorical assurances that loan contract will not be signed you will then make the representations contained in the Department’s 17, November 6, 3 p.m.

  1. Archer Harman, president, and T. H. Powers Farr, vice president, of the Guayaquil and Quito Railway Co.