793.94/12026: Telegram

The Third Secretary of Embassy in China ( Allison ) to the Secretary of State

15. British and German Embassy officials arrived in Nanking yesterday morning. The military authorities have, so far, refused to permit any but Embassy or Consular officials to land, the prohibition extending to foreign military and naval officers who are not attached to an Embassy.

I have been informed that my British and German colleagues have requested their respective Embassies in Hankow to approach the Chinese Government with a view to preventing Chinese air raids upon Nanking and I have been asked to bring the matter to the attention of the American Ambassador. In addition to the small group of foreigners here, there are said to be some 200,000 Chinese refugees within the city walls, the majority of them concentrated in the so-called “safety zone”. Providing the Ambassador perceives no objection, it is requested that the Chinese Government be informed of the above and requested to refrain from indiscriminate bombing of this city.

Sent to Embassy Hankow.