810.20 Defense/1781

Memorandum by the Liaison Officer of the Department of State ( Wilson ) to the Representative of the War Plans Division of the War Department ( Barber )


The American Ambassador to Cuba telephoned the other day to state that the Cuban Government had informed him that it agreed in principle [Page 115] to according to the United States the privileges requested by the War Department. In view of this, Ambassador Messersmith has stated that your Department could proceed with the necessary plans, and he requested that the Embassy be advised in advance of the dispatch of any of the service units.28

I understand that the above information was telephoned by Mr. Duggan, of this Department, to Major Silverthorne. Hence, this memorandum is merely confirming the information already received by your Department.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Orme Wilson
  1. The service units appear to refer to those for maintaining aircraft. The stationing of such detachments together with the use of airports, unrestricted flying over Cuban territory, and unrestricted circulation of military personnel in connection with servicing aircraft were points of agreement sought by the War Department. See telegram No. 228, December 13, 1941, to the Minister in Guatemala, and footnote 1, vol. vi, p. 56.