822.796/323a: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Minister in Ecuador ( Long )

38. Panagra officials have advised the Department that a service completely duplicating Sedta’s service and schedules was started on March 13. If this information is accurate, you are requested to so advise the Foreign Minister and if you deem it advisable, the President [Page 273] as well. At the earliest opportune moment you should also indicate to these officials that in accordance with the agreement between the two Governments this Government expects the Ecuadoran Government to initiate steps for the elimination of Sedta. On receipt from you of information that Panagra’s services are fully duplicating those of Sedta within the meaning of the agreement between the two Governments,46 the Department plans to so notify Alfaro and express its confidence that the Ecuadoran Government will proceed with the elimination of Sedta.

It is understood that Panagra is about to retain attorney Cárdenas to conduct negotiations looking to the attainment of the objectives.