822.796/421: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Minister in Ecuador ( Long )

235. Your 287, September 4. As you know, this Government arrived at a clear and definite arrangement with the Government of Ecuador with respect to the elimination of Sedta. Under this arrangement this Government had certain obligations. These obligations have all more than fully been complied with. The Department is informed that Panagra is now providing, and for some time in the past has provided, a service superior to that performed by Sedta at the time that this arrangement was entered into. Ecuador, therefore, has no ground under the agreement for requesting concessions other than those contemplated in the agreement and it is therefore expected that Ecuador will eliminate and assist in the complete liquidation of Sedta without conditioning such action on additional service, airplanes or expenditures for aviation training.

It is unnecessary to recall to the Legation the various types of assistance to Ecuador which this Government has rendered during recent months. This assistance was freely offered by this Government without being conditioned on the performance of any action by Ecuador, and was rendered as part of a program designed not only to help Ecuador to develop its internal economy but also to permit Ecuador to play its appropriate role in hemisphere solidarity and defense. Our two governments agreed that one important step to be taken in connection with hemisphere defense was the prompt elimination of Sedta. It [Page 284] is only by the effective performance by each of the 21 American Republics of its share in responsibilities for hemisphere defense that the American Republics can feel secure.

This Government of course does not overlook the fact that Ecuador is passing through an extremely difficult period in its history and that it has enormous political problems to contend with. This Government is equally aware of the desire of Ecuador to develop and improve air transportation. It is therefore prepared, provided always that Sedta is eliminated, to assist in supplying airplanes and technicians for a service consonant with Ecuador’s needs and based on a careful survey to be made by Hardin67 and Van Zandt.68

The $275,000 for aviation training became available September 5; it will be expended by the Chief of the Air Mission in Ecuador and all expenditures will be supervised by you. …

  1. Thomas Hardin, Technical Aviation Expert.
  2. Parker Van Zandt, representative of the Federal Loan Agency.