811.20 Defense (M) Colombia/14: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Colombia ( Braden )

480. Your 585, November 26 and Department’s 460, December 4. Department and Metals Reserve wish to conclude platinum purchase agreement so that it may be placed in effect as soon as possible. Please urge upon Colombian authorities importance of taking all necessary steps to prevent smuggling. Do you think it would be desirable to request cooperation of Panair and Panagra in inspecting all baggage carried by plane? It is understood that these airlines already have a system of inspection for bombs and inflammable material, and Department would be willing to take up with them the question of additional inspection for platinum if you approve.

Pending actual conclusion of the agreement, please ask the Colombians to inform you well in advance of any sales they may intend to make to buyers other than Metals Reserve or legitimate American purchasers.