811.659 Automobiles/464: Airgram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Chile (Bowers)

A–279. Your despatch no. 4568 of October 1, 194230 concerning the export of American automobiles from Chile. The Department and the Office of Exports consider that the dealers who exported automotives [Page 94] to Argentina violated the provisions of the license which they received. The question as to whether they have prejudiced themselves as consignees for further shipments of parts and accessories depends on their future actions. The Department desires to have this movement to Argentina stopped, and if any further exports of automotives occur the Ambassador is requested to advise the Department promptly.

With regard to the export of automotives to Peru and Bolivia the Department and the Office of Exports wish to be advised of the nature and circumstances of each proposed shipment. Specifically, the Office of Exports has no objection to the shipments proposed to Bolivia in your despatch under reference, but is the Embassy certain that the consignees are acceptable; please cable advice on this latter point. However, the Department believes it would be helpful to call to the attention of Chilean dealers that there is no possibility of replacing from the United States such units as they may export to Peru and Bolivia.

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