740.00119 Control (Italy)/8–1145: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Italy (Kirk)

1351. Aug. 6 note from French Embassy referring to unofficial advice that North Italy will return to Ital administration Sept. 1 states (1) AMG withdrawal from Ital-French frontier territory would directly interest France; (2) in no case should AMG replacement by Ital administration “infringe on Morgan-Carpentier agreements or local Doyen–Truscott agreements relating to demilitarization [Page 743] of zone of 15 miles to east of frontier and to pasture lands of Mont Cenis and Haute Maurienne”; (3) French representative in Borne has been instructed to make similar representations to ACI51 and Alcom.52

Dept’s views are as follows:

Any representations on this subject should be addressed to Alcom. Agreements cited are purely military, relate only to withdrawal of French forces and establishment of AMG, and make no commitment on duration of AMG or obligation extending beyond period of AMG. Ital northwest border territory should be returned to Ital administration at same time and on same terms as the rest of North Italy.

  1. Advisory Council for Italy.
  2. Allied Commission.