811F.244/6–245: Telegram

The Chargé in Panama (Donnelly) to the Secretary of State

533. See Emb despatch 1770 of May 22, 1945.3 La Estrella De Panama today reported that the Canal Zone authorities have issued an order limiting the gold commissary purchase privilege4 to [of] alien civilian employees to $50 per month if single and $100 per month if married.

The order which became effective on June 1 will result in complaints here on the grounds of discrimination in the treatment of US and Panamanian civilian employees. In fact the FonOff today called me there to discuss the matter. I have exchanged views with the Governor of the Panama Canal and at my suggestion a meeting will be held next week of representatives of the FonOff, the Embassy and the Panama Canal when we will endeavor to arrive at a satisfactory solution of the problem especially the charge of discrimination.

  1. Not printed; the Chargé reported in this despatch that steps were being taken in the Canal Zone to curtail contraband trade in merchandise sold by the commissaries (811F.244/5–2245).
  2. A privilege extended to members of the so-called gold roll, or the skilled employees of the Canal Zone.