740.0011 EW/2–1245

The Acting Secretary of State to the Paraguayan Ambassador (Velázquez)

Excellency: I have the honor to acknowledge receipt of your note of February 12, 1945,8 stating that your Government has declared a [Page 1282] state of war with the Axis powers; that Paraguay formally adheres to the Declaration by United Nations; and that you have received instructions to sign in the name of the Republic of Paraguay.

The Government of the United States, as depository for the Declaration, is gratified to welcome Paraguay formally into the ranks of the United Nations. Arrangements are being made for you to sign the Declaration on February 14, 1945.9

Accept [etc.]

Joseph C. Grew
  1. Not printed.
  2. For an account of the ceremony of adherence to the United Nations Declaration on February 14, 1945, see Department of State Bulletin, February 18, 1945, pp. 231–237.