102.8951: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Peru (White)

387. For Rubber Development Losa57 from Truslow.58 RDC rubber agreement with Peru terminates December 31, 1946.59 The price premium agreement terminates March 31, 1946.60

[Here follow paragraphs the same, mutatis mutandis, as in telegram 1000 of the same date to Rio de Janeiro, printed on page 704.]

A similar proposal is being presented to each other American country participating in rubber program.

  1. Otto Losa, Special representative of the Rubber Development Corporation.
  2. Francis A. Truslow, President, Rubber Development Corporation.
  3. Agreement signed April 23, 1942, not printed; for negotiations, see Foreign Relations, 1942, vol. vi, pp. 665670.
  4. The agreement between the Rubber Development Corporation and the Peruvian Amazon Corporation (not printed) was made by an exchange of letters dated February 16 and 25, 1944, and extended by a similar exchange of August 25 and 29, 1944. It effected a 33½% price increase.