740.0011 E.W./2–845: Telegram

The Ambassador in Uruguay (Dawson) to the Secretary of State

102. I communicated on February 6 to President and Serrato contents your 53, February 6.17

President said he could see no possibility of obtaining necessary Congressional approval by February 14 since most Congressmen are in the interior and February 12 and 13 are carnival holidays. He speculated as to possibility of signing United Nations’ document ad referendum, i.e. subject to subsequent Congressional approval but I expressed opinion that this would not be feasible unless Executive actually declared state of war which he said it could not do without prior approval of Congress. President said he would give immediate consideration to means of expediting action and would discuss matter with leaders of friendly groups in Congress.

I was disappointed to learn this morning from Serrato that matter was not discussed at yesterday’s Cabinet meeting. I know, however, that President is consulting his advisers. He asked me today if I had any further news from Washington. Prompt information regarding prospective favorable action by other countries would be helpful. I believe President desirous of presenting matter as one in which Uruguay would be going along with other countries.

Ecuadoran and Paraguayan declarations and press despatches from Washington particularly UP despatch of February 7 have elicited speculative press comment which indicates considerable confusion of editorial minds. Only significant article is one in which Molana connects possible exclusion of associated nations from conferences with some plan to induce six countries to declare war with view to further isolation of Argentina.

  1. Not printed; it expressed pleasure that the Uruguayan President was ready to formalize Uruguay’s position with respect to the Axis and advised against introducing the question of declaring war on the Axis in the Conference at Mexico City (740.0011 EW/2–545).