The Acting Director, Office of American Republic Affairs (Butler) to Commander Herbert C. Parker, Pan American Division, Navy Department

Reference is made to your memorandum of May 31, 1945 (Serial No. 0032517 (SC)L11–7/EF5).70

In reply to the suggestion that the procedure in processing Argentine export license applications for naval material be simplified and made uniform for both Army and Navy, reference is made to the secret letters, dated June 4, 1945, addressed by the Acting Secretary of State to the Secretaries of War and Navy.70 In these letters it is requested that for important political reasons and consideration of foreign policy, no action be taken on the export of material to the Argentine armed forces except with the specific approval of the Department of State. Consequently, the Department of State believes that the “Certificates of Necessity” system should remain in effect as concerns all material for the armed forces of Argentina.

A copy of the Navy Department’s memorandum under reference and a copy of this reply have been forwarded to Mr. Warren, Chairman of the State–War–Navy Sub-Committee on Latin America, at San Francisco for his information.

George H. Butler
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