835.24/6–2045: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Argentina ( Braden )

880. Reference Department’s 762, June 26, Emb’s 1290, June 19 and 1296 June 20.80 Department and FEA have agreed to liquidate as of October 1, 1945, the Decentralization Plan of Export Control, now in operation in 19 American republics. The effect of this would be to place all export controls solely in the FEA.

In line with the above procedure it is proposed also that the certificate of necessity procedure in Argentina shall be eliminated and that export controls be centralized in Washington, with prior Emb consultation in doubtful cases or whenever otherwise necessary. It is proposed that export licenses shall be required for all shipments from the US or Canada for which export licenses are now required. It is also proposed to consult Emb before issuing export license for any agency of the Argentine Government including the military services, the petroleum industry, and the film industry, except for medicine and other essential health items.

It is further proposed that all export license applications received in Washington shall be screened against world trade reports, consignee control reports and the proclaimed list. In doubtful cases FEA will consult the Embassy.

The Embassy should submit as soon as possible any available additional information concerning prospective Argentine importers.

In cases where the FEA has allocations for Argentina, it is proposed that the Embassy submit to Washington at early date a percentage breakdown by consignee as a guide for licensing officers in processing license applications.

FEA states that 1 or 2 weeks may be required to bring its consignee information files up to date. FEA prefers, however, that revised plan be made effective at the start of a calendar quarter. Effecting change on October 1 is suggested since it will coincide with elimination of Decentralization Plan throughout Latin America. FEA believes that from an operational standpoint above plan is workable.

Embassy is requested to forward promptly its reaction to this proposal in order that FEA may issue an announcement of the change of procedure to the trade and also that appropriate announcements may be made in Buenos Aires and Ottawa.

  1. None printed.