800.24/7–1445: Circular telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Diplomatic Representatives in the American Republics Except Argentina

Reference Department’s Circular Telegram of June 15, 1945.81 FEA and Department agree that the Decentralization Plan for Export Control should be liquidated in its entirety as of October 1, 1945. Liquidation at the earliest possible date has already been suggested by several of the other American republics. Accordingly the Embassy is requested to inform the Foreign Office or the Country Agency of this proposal.

It is assumed that where the Decentralization Plan was put into effect originally by formal exchange of notes between the Embassy and the Foreign Office that same procedure will be followed in effecting the liquidation of the Decentralization Plan.

As in the case of previous partial rollbacks of the Decentralization Plan, it should be realized that elimination of the import recommendations does not mean that commodities involved will be placed under general license; on the contrary it is expected that they will remain on individual license.

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