102.8951: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Bolivia ( Thurston )

265. For Rubber Development Munro36 from Truslow.37 RDC rubber agreement with Bolivia terminates December 31, 1946. No formal agreement has yet been reached on the 33⅓ per cent price premium. Agreements with Banco Agrícola also terminate December 31, 1946.

[Here follow, mutatis mutandis paragraphs which are the same as telegram 1000, April 19, to Rio de Janeiro, page 704, beginning with second paragraph.]

A similar proposal is being presented to each other American country participating in rubber program. [Truslow.]

  1. H. H. H. Munro, Special Representative of the Rubber Development Corporation in Bolivia.
  2. Francis A. Truslow, President of the Rubber Development Corporation.