810.6176/4–1045: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Brazil ( Berle )

991. ReEmbs 1112, April 10. Department, RDC73 and other interested agencies are now considering in detail possible arrangements for the inclusion of Argentina within the control and quota system covering rubber products, rubber substitutes and rubber. Please assure the Foreign Minister74 that we are giving prompt and earnest attention to this problem, that we believe that an overall solution to the numerous questions involved, even if it may require a 2- or 3-week delay, is more desirable than an immediate partial solution, and that we firmly intend to discuss in advance with Brazil any procedure suggested before discussions are initiated with Argentina, to the end that such procedure may be correlated with quota and control plans now in existence.

  1. Rubber Development Corporation.
  2. Macedo Soares, Acting Minister for Foreign Affairs.