832.6176/8–1445: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Brazil ( Berle )

1996. McLaughlin from Utz. Reourtel April 19, 1945.86 For obvious reasons,87 you are hereby instructed to inform appropriate Brazilian governmental authorities, through the Embassy, that the offer heretofore made on behalf of Rubber Development Corporation to extend [Page 708] rubber agreement, price premium agreement, and other collateral agreements to June 30, 1947, is withdrawn, effective immediately. [Utz.]

For Emb from Dept. Dept concurs in foregoing. Emb is requested to assist RDC in withdrawing offer to extend rubber agreements.

  1. Telegram 1000, p. 704.
  2. Reference is presumably to fact that Japan had accepted surrender terms on August 14, thus terminating hostilities of World War II.