103.9151/8–2045: Circular telegram

The Secretary of State to Diplomatic and Consular Officers in the American Republics

For RDC Special Representative from Truslow. We repeat the expressions of appreciation sent on the eve of victory. Please advise your organization and be guided by the following:

Only after consultation with you in Washington, plans will be developed during the next 30 days for the work of the corporation in your area.
In developing plans for the future of Rubber Development Corporation all commitments which have been made in the rubber program will of course be scrupulously carried out.
Until plans are clarified the work is to go on without change except that no loans to new producers or in new areas should be approved and no new measures for the encouragement of rubber production beyond those already approved should be undertaken.
The development and execution of plans for the balance of the program is part of the job and the directors rely on the continued [Page 709] assistance of you and your organization at your posts in the field while plans are being formulated.