839.24/11–445: Telegram

The Ambassador in the Dominican Republic (McGurk) to the Secretary of State

431. Dominican Secretary of War25 Nov 2 called American Military and Naval Attachés to his office and asked aid in obtaining delivery 4 million rounds 30 calibre ball and 1,120,000 rounds other small arms ammunition requested on July 8, 1944, as Dominican long range requirements for 1945 under lend-lease. Attachés told him request should be made through Dominican Embassy Washington and Secretary said he would so do. Attachés stated they would inform their Depts of request. Nov 3 British Chargé was approached by intermediary of President Trujillo with request for 50,000 rounds Enfield ammunition. Chargé replied that if formal request were presented he would transmit it to London. He has informed his FonOff of matter.

For Embassy’s attitude towards supplying munitions see despatch regarding staff conversations.26

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