817.00/11–2945: Telegram

The Ambassador in Nicaragua ( Warren ) to the Secretary of State

760. I saw President Somoza at his finca San Juan this morning. He signed and gave me the following statement in Spanish:

“Two weeks ago when I saw the Ambassador in order to give him my final decision to renounce my candidacy for the Presidency, I only wanted a little time to try to conciliate all the factors to choose a candidate accepted by all and to see that that man should guarantee the existence of the National Guard which is the institution which with me at the head has maintained peace in Nicaragua. Now I repeat the same and formally make the offer to the Department of State to renounce my candidacy within not more than 30 days and to devote myself during the remainder of my administration to working toward progress and to guarantee free elections in Nicaragua during the next electoral period. Work camp ‘El Jenijazo’.” November 20, 1945, signed Pres. Somoza.

I will discuss statement in another message.