851G.01/5–249: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Consulate General at Saigon


70. In forthcoming difficult period Dept desires you guard carefully against any action which might be seized upon as premature endorsement or de facto recognition by US of Bao Dai or any regime he may establish. Fr giving evidence pessimism re viability Bao Dai solution and Dept desires retain as much freedom of action re IC as possible without in any manner giving impression we oppose or wish to hinder [Page 22] ex-Emperor. Dept has already discussed informally with Fr Emb (as well as Brit Emb here) desirability appropriate Fr officials issuing to consular corps invitations to attend all ceremonies involving Bao Dai (fifth para urtel 92 Mar 291).

Dept wishes you and Gibson continue reporting situation as closely and well as you have in past.

  1. Not printed.