851G.00/1–1949: Telegram

The Ambassador in France ( Caffery ) to the Acting Secretary of State


250. Pignon–Bao Dai conversations ended yesterday. Pignon returned Paris, saw Coste-Floret1 who this morning informed Cabinet results Cannes meetings. According communiqué, cabinet “took note atmosphere cordiality and reciprocal sympathy in which conversations, which will continue in Paris at end of week, took place”.

Upon termination final meeting Bao Dai spokesman stated: “We agreed on all questions examined. Only lack, of time prevented us from concluding agreement here. Work will be pursued Friday in Paris of drafting definite agreements which will be incorporated in solemn act which will make Vietnam an associated state. We are optimistic as to final outcome.” Spokesman added Bao Dai might make announcement on January 29—Annamite New Year’s day—of his plans re return Indochina.

Pignon simply stated any announcement would have to come from Bao Dai. “I think he will make one soon”. Bao Dai will not come to Paris for meetings beginning Friday which apparently will be devoted to drafting by technicians.

Press treatment of Cannes meetings on whole optimistic except for current Communist and fellow-traveler anti-Bao Dai pro-Ho2 campaign. [Page 6] Minor disturbing element is motion adopted political affairs committee, Assembly French Union, calling for negotiations with all Viet elements including “groups associated with Ho Chi Minh”.

Sent Department, repeated Saigon 9.

  1. Paul Coste-Floret, French Minister for Overseas France.
  2. Ho Chi Minh, President of the Provisional Government of Vietnam Democratic Republic”.