19. Editorial Note

On April 23 the Federal Republic of Germany’s Ambassador to the Soviet Union, Hans Kroll, flew to the Crimea for a 3-day visit with Khrushchev. During their discussion on Berlin Khrushchev told Kroll that he would sign a treaty with the German Democratic Republic, but not until after the West German elections in September or perhaps until after the Congress of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union in October. For Kroll’s account of the visit, see Lebenserinnerungen eines Botschafters, pages 483-489. On his return to Moscow Kroll briefed the three Western Ambassadors on his talks with Khrushchev (telegram 2693 from Moscow, May 2; Department of State, Central Files, 762.00/5-261) and on May 2 Ambassador Grewe briefed the Four-Power Working Group on Germany Including Berlin. (Memorandum of conversation, May 2; ibid., 762.0221/5-261)