233. Telegram From Secretary of State Rusk to the Department of State 1

Secto 2. Eyes only for the President. I had a good talk with Lucius Clay this afternoon and reviewed in considerable detail our policies regarding Berlin and Germany. I pointed out that on the one hand some of his concerns were based on local misunderstandings and on the other that he was performing an invaluable service in reporting such matters to us promptly for possible correction. I emphasized the points you made in our last private conversation and he appeared to take them seriously.

He will be in touch with me again this week but I do not believe that he will take any precipitate action which would embarrass the administration. He fully understands that you are carrying the primary load of firmness in Berlin and Germany, as contrasted with the general attitudes of most of our Allies, and that most of the concessions which have resulted in erosion of our position in Berlin were in fact made during the past eight years of a Republican administration. I am certain that he will not act hastily without full opportunity for further consultation.

  1. Source: Department of State, Central Files, 762.00/12-1061. Secret; Niact. According to another copy this telegram was drafted by Rusk, who was in Paris attending the NATO Ministerial Meeting. (Ibid., Conference Files: Lot 65 D 366, CF 2000)