257. Telegram 273340 From the Department of State to the Embassy in Nepal 1 2


  • Khmer and Korea in 29th UNGA: Nepal


  • (A) Kathmandu 5095; (B) Kathmandu 5087; (C) State 272178.

1. Ref A hit us just as we were preparing instructions for you to deliver strong representations to the GON. From your report, it appears the GON is finally taking this whole matter seriously. You have done a great job and we appreciate it.

2. We believe it would now be timely for you to make one further approach on the potential Khmer credentials issue and a pitch for at least continued abstention on Korean matters. The following talking points are for your use.

3. You should reaffirm our great disappointment with Nepal’s vote in the UN General Assembly on Khmer representation.

4. We strongly hope that Nepal will vote against any challenge on the Khmer credentials if this should arise prior to the end of the General Assembly. (FYI: Credentials Committee December 12 reported out GKR credentials favorably 5 (US)—1 (PRC)—3) You should expain (a) credentials are a technical matter and not the proper vehicle for discussion or decision of political questions; and (b) it would, in effect, reopen the Khmer question at this session, even though the GA has decided to take no further action until the Secretary General’s report is received by the 30th session.

5. We appreciate Nepal’s abstention on the Algerian resolution on Korea and hope that if it cannot support the friendly resolution as approved by the First Committee, it will at least continue its policy of abstention on Korean matters in the plenary vote expected next week.

  1. Source: National Archives, RG 59, Central Foreign Policy Files. Confidential; Immediate. It was drafted by Lorton, NEA/INS and Charles Schaller, IO/UNP; cleared by NEA/INS, EA/K, EA/LC, and NEA; and approved by Buffum. It was repeated priority to USUN.
  2. The Department congratulated Ambassador Cargo regarding Nepal’s vote on Korea, and presented talking points regarding the issue of Khmer UN credentials.