263. Telegram 4416 From the Embassy in Nepal to the Department of State 1 2


  • Korea at UNGA


  • State 225930

1. I met with Foreign Secretary Khatri October 3 upon his return from Yugoslavia to discuss the Korean question at UNGA per reftel.

2. Although Khatri from his long UN experience is well aware of importance we have always attached to this question, I emphasized that we consider it to be most vital problem to be faced at this session of the UNGA. I gave him copy of Secretary’s speech and stressed importance of new elements in our position. At the same time I pointed out retrogressive attitude of North Koreans including their refusal to envisage South Korean participation in any future negotiations. Noting that Nepal’s traditional inclination might be to abstain, I urged upon Khatri that the GON examine its position with a view to a decision to vote against the North Korean resolution and in favor of the approach set out in the Secretary’s speech. I noted that this question would be raised with Foreign Minister Ayal when he visits Washington October 8 and expressed the hope that the GON would decide to support affirmatively our efforts aimed at preserving peace and stability in this vital area of Asia.

3. Khatri listened carefully and said that the North Korean position in seeking to exclude South Korea from discussions was both unrealistic and contrary to Nepal’s view that all parties to a dispute should resolve the problem without interference from outside forces. He reflected that North Korean intransigence on this issue could serve as a rationale for Nepalese opposition to North Korean resolution. While making no promise that the GON position would be changed, Khatri did say he would study with care text of new resolution when available and would “recommend our views to palace officials concerned.”

4. Comment: Despite Khatri’s forthcoming remarks the problem of getting the GON to move to position of affirmative support for our resolution and opposition to the North Korean draft is a large one. We will continue to make strong representations here. Please advise us on conversations with Aryal.

  1. Source: National Archives, RG 59, Central Foreign Policy Files. Confidential. It was repeated to New Delhi, Seoul, and USUN. The Department instructed certain posts to lobby for support in the 30th General Assembly in circular telegram 225930, September 22. (Ibid.)
  2. Ambassador Cargo updated the Department on his continuing attempts to persuade Nepal to support the U.S. position on Korea in the UN General Assembly.