2. Telegram 828/Secto 574 From the Interests Section in Syria to the Interests Section in Algeria1

828. For Eagleton from the Secretary. Subject: Renewal of US-Algerian Relations. Ref: Algiers 1097, State 104906 (Tosec 827).

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1. I have made it abundantly clear to President Boumediene that we are prepared to [for] resumption of relations whenever he is. My judgment is that he and President Asad will coordinate question of renewing relations very closely between them and that this will depend in large measure on outcome of current disengagement negotiations, which not yet certain. Meanwhile, we should not be pressing Algerians on this, although I will of course be interested in any readings they may volunteer to you. In any case, I do not plan stop in Algiers on return trip and you should not repeat not raise this idea with Algerians.

  1. Summary: Kissinger instructed William L. Eagleton, Jr., to not raise the issue of renewal of diplomatic relations with the Algerians.

    Source: Library of Congress, Manuscript Division, Kissinger Papers, Box CL 101, Geopolitical File, Algeria, April–May 1974. Secret; Cherokee; Immediate; Nodis. Repeated to Washington. Syria and Algeria severed diplomatic ties with the United States on June 6, 1967. A U.S. Interests Section was established in the Italian Embassy in Damascus, and a U.S. Interests Section was established in the Swiss Embassy in Algiers. Eagleton served as Principal Officer in Algeria from December 1969 to July 1974. Kissinger was in Damascus to negotiate a disengagement agreement between Israel and Syria.