3. Telegram 121825 From the Department of State to the Interests Section in Algeria1

121825. Subject: Message for President Boumediene. For Eagleton from the Secretary.

1. Please convey the following message from me to President Boumediene via channel you think most appropriate.

2. Begin Message:

Dear Mr. President:

I am writing to give you this advance word that it has been agreed between us and the Syrian Government that we shall announce the resumption of diplomatic relations during President Nixon’s visit to Syria next week. In view of our previous discussions and in keeping with my continuing desire to keep you advised of new developments in the Middle East situation, I wanted to share this information with you prior to the formal public announcement.

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We have in the past discussed the question of a resumption of relations between our two countries, and I simply want to reaffirm to you that we remain prepared for such a step whenever your government feels that the circumstances are propitious. This is, of course, entirely a decision for you to make, Mr. President, and we shall continue to abide by your judgment in this regard.

As President Nixon has written you, the demands on his time unfortunately do not permit him to visit your country in the course of his forthcoming trip. This is a matter of particular regret to me, since it also deprives me of the pleasure of again visiting with you. I still have very warm memories of my meetings with you and of your warm hospitality at the beginning of my recent visit to the area to negotiate the Syrian-Israeli disengagement agreement.

Warm personal regards, Henry A. Kissinger

End Message.

3. FYI: Above message will serve as indirect prod and give Algerians appropriate opportunity to move forward on this matter if they wish to do so. If Algerians have not reacted by the time of President’s return from Middle East trip, we will consider what further steps we might wish to take. End FYI.

  1. Summary: Kissinger instructed Eagleton to convey a message to Boumediene, reporting on the resumption of diplomatic relations with Syria, and the desire on the part of the United States to resume diplomatic relations with Algeria.

    Source: Library of Congress, Manuscript Division, Kissinger Papers, Box CL 101, Geopolitical File, Algeria, July–September 1974. Secret; Cherokee; Immediate; Nodis. Drafted by Atherton in NEA; cleared by Sisco and Fry; and approved by Kissinger.