82. Telegram 45389 From the Department of State to the Embassy in Morocco1

45389. Subject: Accelerated Delivery of U.S. Equipment. Ref: State 37576 (Notal).

1. Following January 29 meeting between Secretary and King Hassan’s special emissary Karim Lamrani, Department undertook review of US–Morocco military supply relationship to determine if additional acceleration of delivery dates would be practical. In past we have responded to GOM acceleration requests in positive fashion. We moved up delivery dates on M–48A3 and M–48A5 tanks, armored personnel carriers, AIM9B, Chaparral, LAW and TOW missiles, howitzers and recoilless rifles. The tanks, TOW’s, APC’s and Chaparrals (latter rejected by GOM along with howitzers as rebuilt items) were taken from our own forces. Review revealed that our present production capacity is limited and fully committed to US forces or to other prior foreign customers.

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2. Armored personnel carriers: US forces will receive only two APC’s from CY 76 production and have no existing units which could be made available to Morocco. Only possible short-term source would appear to be Jordan which is scheduled to receive 53 APC’s in first quarter CY 76. Department has no objection if GOM wants to approach GOJ for some of latter’s current APC production.

3. Howitzers and 106 mm recoilless rifles: We have agreed, subject to prior Congressional notification and to fulfillment of other statutory requirements, to transfer of 16 howitzers and 36 recoilless rifles from Iran and Jordan respectively. US could offer six rebuilt 106’s immediately and ten more in March. First possible offering for shipment of new 106’s is April 1976.

4. TOW missile: We have already expedited delivery date” for six TOW launchers and 96 missiles from US Army but see no advantage to further acceleration as no trained Moroccan personnel will be available to operate TOW until its regularly-scheduled delivery date.

5. Vulcan anti-aircraft gun: As with TOW, sufficient Moroccan personnel will not have completed operations and maintenance training prior to scheduled delivery dates, making advance delivery impractical.

6. Chaparral missile: Moroccan teams scheduled to complete Chaparral training in mid-CY 76 so delivery prior to that time would not be useful. GOM has already rejected offer of early delivery of rebuilt Chaparrals.

7. F–5’s: LOA for sale of F–5E’s and F–5F’s went to Congress February 18 and survey team plans to arrive in Morocco shortly to begin preliminary work on basis of unsigned LOA. There are no available F–5A’s in US inventory.

8. M48A3 tanks: Shipping date for ten M48A3 tanks moved forward from March 15 to March 1.

9. You may inform the GOM of foregoing, emphasizing our continuing desire to be helpful where possible.

10. FYI: This message was coordinated with DOD which also informed Moroccan Military Attaché of its contents.

  1. Summary: The Embassy was informed of the status of accelerated arms deliveries to Morocco.

    Source: Ford Library, National Security Adviser, Presidential Country Files for Africa, Box 4, Morocco (3). Secret. Repeated to Algiers, Nouakchott, Madrid, Amman, and Tehran. A notation at the top of the first page reads: “Direct US arms for Morocco—summary of where we stand—Feb. 25. See decision memo at A.” The memorandum was not attached. A notation next to item 7 reads, “NSC and State concurred.”