Visits By Foreign Leaders in 1952

Visitor From Description Date
Prime Minister Churchill United Kingdom Revisited Washington January 16–19. Addressed U.S. Congress January 17. January 5–10, 1952
Premier Drees Netherlands Informal visit. In U.S. January 12–24, visiting New York City, Bridgeport (Connecticut) and Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania). January 20–23, 1952
Queen Juliana Netherlands Addressed U.S. Congress April 3. Afterwards visited Philadelphia (Pennsylvania), New York City, Knoxville (Tennessee), Detroit, Grand Rapids, Holland, and Ann Arbor, (Michigan), San Francisco, and Los Angeles. Departed U.S. April 22. April 2–5, 1952
Prime Minister Erlander Sweden Unofficial visit. In U.S. April 3–17. Also visited New York City, Rockford (Illinois), Chicago, Minneapolis (Minnesota), and Detroit (Michigan). April 12–16, 1952
President Somoza Nicaragua Unofficial visit to Washington. Afterwards visited Boston (Massachusetts) and New York City. Departed U.S. July 5. May 1–6, 1952
Chancellor Figl Austria At the invitation of the U.S. Government. In U.S. May 11–27. Visited New York City, Williamsburg (Virginia), Buffalo (New York), Detroit (Michigan), Chicago, and Madison (Wisconsin). May 12–16, 1952
Prime Minister Menzies Australia Informal discussions en route to London. May 16–21, 1952
King Faisal II Iraq Informal, unofficial visit. In U.S. August 12–September 17. Visited New York City ,Detroit (Michigan), Chicago, Denver (Colorado), San Francisco, Las Vegas (Nevada), Phoenix (Arizona), Muscle Shoals (Tennessee), and Fort Knox (Kentucky). August 16–18, 1952
Prime Minister Torp Norway In U.S. September 10–30. Also visited New York City, Detroit (Michigan), Duluth and Minneapolis (Minnesota), Chicago, and Madison (Wisconsin). September 22–26, 1952
Prime Minister Menzies Australia Met with President-elect Eisenhower in New York City. December 17, 1952