Mr. Runyon to Mr. Gresham .

No. 235.]

Sir: Miss Dora Schultz, a young lady of about 24 years of age, whose home is in Chicago, where she has lived nearly all her life (she appears to have been taken there in her infancy by her father and mother), being here temporarily (she arrived last November) to study music, applied to me for a passport. She was born in Germany, but has resided in the United States from her infancy. Her father was not a citizen of the United States, but was a German. He died soon after his emigration to America and his widow married his brother, who was a naturalized citizen. I regarded the applicant as being a citizen of the United States, and as such entitled to a passport on the grounds set forth in that behalf in the presentation of the State Department of the Haberacker case. (Foreign Relations, 1891, p. 522.) I deem it, however, proper to report the matter specially to invite attention to it, and have the honor, etc.,

Theodore Runyon
[Page 534]
[Inclosure in No. 235.]

Empire of Germany, City of Berlin

Dora Schultz, being duly sworn according to law, on her oath says that she is now over twenty-one years of age and about twenty-four years old; that she was born in Berlin, Prussia; that her father, David A. Schultz, emigrated from Berlin to the United States of America about 1870 (and she believes after the war between Germany and France, about that date), taking with him this deponent’s mother (his wife) and deponent, who was then about two months old; that he lived in America from the time of his arrival there on such emigration until his death, which took place in about two years afterwards; that within a year after his death his widow, deponent’s mother, married his brother, Henry Schultz, who was then living in the United States, to which country he had emigrated from Germany before his brother, deponent’s father, went there; that said Henry Schultz was in 1873, as appears by his certificate of naturalization in possession of deponent and now shown (in which it is certified that he had lived in the United States for five years before his naturalization), naturalized and became a citizen of the United States; that he then, when the marriage took place, lived and ever since has lived in the United States (Chicago, Milwaukee, and St. Paul), where he now lives, and this deponent has lived there ever since she was taken there as aforesaid by her father and mother until November last (1894), when she came to Germany to study music, and that she intends to return to the United States to live, as her home, within two years.

She further says, at the time of said marriage of her mother she was only about three years old, and that she is advised that she is, through the citizenship of her said stepfather by reason of the facts aforesaid, a citizen of the United States of America, and as such is entitled to the passport for which she now applies.

Dora Schultz.

Sworn to and subscribed before me, at Berlin, this 2nd day of April, 1895.

H. G. Squiers,
Second Secretary of Embassy.