Mr. Denby to Mr. Olney .

No. 2286.]

Sir: I have the honor to inclose a copy of a communication sent by me to the Tsung-li Yamên the 9th instant, asking that the ex-viceroy, Liu, be ordered to come to Peking to await an investigation into his conduct, so that he may be punished should the evidence to be taken show that he is guilty of complicity in the riots.

I have, etc.,

Charles Denby
[Inclosure in No. 2286.]

Mr. Denby to the Tsung-li Yamên .

No. 16.]

I have heretofore requested that troops should be sent from Chengtu to Chungking to assist in preserving order. If this request is not acceded to, the responsibility will rest with the Government of China, and this I desire to place on record. I think it desirable also that the examination at Chungking should be postponed, and this also I place on record.

I desire also to reiterate the ideas heretofore conveyed to the Yamên that the time has come to China when officials who are negligent or criminal in their conduct toward foreigners must be punished, and that simple payment of damages is not enough to secure future immunity from destruction. To that end I request that the late viceroy of Szechuan be ordered to come to Peking, in order that if inquiry into the causes of the riots shows him to have been in fault he may be properly punished. I will make the same demand as to all other officials who may be shown to be guilty.

Unless the guilty officials are punished, no settlement of matters appertaining to the riots will be satisfactory. It is clearly in the interest [Page 95] of China to make a grave public example showing her intention that riots shall be prevented.

The experience of many years shows that this can not be done unless there be condign punishment of guilty men.

Charles Denby