The Acting Secretary of State to the Mexican Ambassador ( Bonillas )

No. 705

Excellency: As Your Excellency will recall, the several requests which you have presented to this Department for the extradition of [Page 545] fugitives from the justice of your Government have been replied to by asking that such requests be held in abeyance for the time being. However, the Department is now prepared to act upon such of those requests as you may desire to have considered now in force, and I should therefore be pleased if you would advise me on this point.

Concerning such fugitives as your Government may now desire to extradite from this country, I should be pleased to have you furnish me with the information which is in your possession, or which you may be able to obtain, as to the present whereabouts of these fugitives. Upon the receipt of this information and of your request that such action be taken, the Department will endeavor to bring about the provisional arrest and detention of these persons with a view to their extradition.

Accept [etc.]

Frank L. Polk