The Department of State to the British Embassy


Referring to the British Embassy’s memorandum No. 142, of January 29, 1918, wherein are set forth certain points in connection [Page 662] with British claims against the Nicaraguan Government, with special reference to the “Legation claim” of £19,800–0–0, the Department of State advises the British Embassy of the receipt of a telegram of March 4, 1918, from the American Minister at Managua,7 reporting that, in order to reach an early settlement of the claim, the Commission is willing to make a further concession and award £9,000 in cash and £1,000 in bonds, and that they consider this a very fair offer, in view of the character of the claim and the large percentage of cash, as compared with the settlement of other foreign claims in the same category.

The substance of the telegram from the Minister at Managua was communicated to the British Embassy by telephone on March 7.

  1. Not printed.