The Department of State to the British Embassy


The Department of State has the honor to acknowledge receipt of memorandum from the British Embassy, # 294 of March 19, 1918, with regard to the matter of certain British claims against the Government of Nicaragua. In this memorandum the Embassy sets forth the position of the British Government in regard to the above mentioned claims and enquires whether the Government of the United States would not feel justified in using its good offices with a view to securing a settlement such as has been set forth in the memorandum under reply.

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The Department of State has given careful consideration to the enquiry of the British Embassy and wishes to state that it has taken pleasure in transmitting the substance of the memorandum of March 19, last, to the Legation at Managua with instructions to bring the matters contained therein to the attention of the Public Credit Commission.

The Department of State feels that the employment of its good offices in this manner may only go so far as bringing to the attention of the Public Credit Commission, in the manner outlined above, the views of the British Government.

With further reference to the question of settlement of claims against the Republic of Nicaragua, the Department wishes to advise the British Embassy that it understands that the awards of the Public Credit Commission of Nicaragua will be paid in the immediate future.