814.00/368: Telegram

The Minister in Guatemala (McMillin) to the Secretary of State

48. Department’s 24, March 22, 5 p.m. I consider Department’s three points ample, if faithfully administered, to secure the rights contended for by Unionists. However, as representatives of Government and Unionists, brought together as explained in the Legation’s despatch number 28 March 18, 19208 through the diplomatic corps, had agreed to them, I felt that their omission would produce bad effects on frenzied populace. I also felt that their inclusion would make him more ready to enforce them. In no other sense is their inclusion essential. President said yesterday that they would be included in an outline of policy which his Ministry would announce contemporaneously with his proclamation which is ready for issuance. The following are the terms agreed to.

A formal and strict promise on the part of the Government to respect and to cause to be respected the laws of the country.
All political prisoners shall be immediately released and no further arrests shall be made for political reasons.
The return to their homes of all those imprisoned on the pretext of military service, such as (a list of names follows) at the cost of the Government and with absolute safety of their persons.
Absolute respect for the judiciary and legislative powers, in order that they may enjoy complete independence. The sessions of the Assembly to be held in an independent place.
Liberty and security of communication, embracing in this the right to proceed with the foundation of political clubs in the Departments [Page 733] in conformity with article 25 of the Constitution. The inviolability of correspondence and the absolute liberty of the telegraph.
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