711.60f 2/6: Telegram

The Minister in Czechoslovakia (Einstein) to the Secretary of State

41. Your 35.5 Specialist on commercial treaties just returned from abroad informs me verbally that Legation’s note is satisfactory except with respect to term “quantities” applying to restricted imports. He says that this is only of theoretical importance to the United States as there is every wish to treat America in the friendliest way but if “quantities” were to be included the same could then automatically be claimed by Germany and would destroy entire basis of previous Czechoslovak commercial conventions. He proposes in Foreign Office reply either to omit “quantities” altogether or else to say matter is left for special arrangements. Also it will be necessary because of Czechoslovak legislation to fix the provisional agreement covered by exchange notes for a definite period of time say till 1925 in the event of treaty not being concluded and state when it goes into force as well as time limit for denunciation. This reply which would have to be published along with Legation’s note will possess force of law. Lastly a provision similar to article 4 British treaty regarding special arrangements Austria and Hungary will also be required. No objection is made to similar reservation regarding Cuba.

Consul at Legation’s suggestion is advising importers to leave certain American goods in customs pending early conclusion of provisional [Page 871] agreement. I consider immediate acceptance of this provisional most-favored-nation reciprocity highly desirable owing to legitimate complaints from importers of American goods that competition is impossible with other countries enjoying lower treaty rates. Please instruct as soon as possible.

  1. Dated Sept. 6, p. 868.