740.00119 Control (Germany)/12–1445

Note by the Allied Secretariat to the Control Council, Allied Control Authority 77


Report of the Air Directorate on the Creation of a System of Air Corridors for Flights Between the Zones of Occupation in Germany

At its Twenty-third meeting the Coordinating Committee considered the report of the Air Directorate on the creation of a system of air corridors for flights between the Zones of occupation in Germany and approved the creation of the three following air corridors from Berlin to the west:

Berlin–Hamburg, Berlin–Bückeburg and Berlin–Frankfurt-on-Main.

As regards the request of the Directorate for a decision on the question of creating corridors as follows:

Berlin–Warsaw, Berlin–Prague, Berlin–Copenhagen and Bückeburg–Prague, the Coordinating Committee decided that this question did not fall within its competence and must be settled at the Governmental level.

In accordance with Conclusion 309 of the Minutes of the Coordinating Committee meeting of the 27th November (CORC/M(45)23) the attached document78 is submitted for the consideration of the Control Council at their Thirteenth meeting on the 30th November, 1945.

S. M. Kudriavtsev
, 1st Sec’y
H. A. Gerhardt
, Colonel
T. N. Grazebrook
, Brigadier
Monsieur L. J. Calvy

Allied Secretariat
  1. Copy transmitted to the Department as an enclosure to despatch 1498, December 14, from Berlin, not printed.
  2. The text, which is virtually identical with that of the Annex to CORC/P(45)170, November 22, is printed in Documents on Germany, 1944–1961, (87th Cong., 1st sess., Committee Print for the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations, December 1961), p. 45.