740.00119 EAC/11–545

The First Secretary of the British Embassy ( Maclean ) to the Assistant Chief of the Division of Central European Affairs ( Leverich )

Dear Leverich: I write, in confirmation of our telephone conversation, to tell you the answer we have now received from the Foreign Office to the question which you put to me some time ago regarding the demise of the European Advisory Commission.

The Foreign Office tell us that the E.A.C. went into liquidation without formally recording its dissolution. It held an informal meeting on August 31st at which it decided to hold a last formal meeting for the purpose of approving a report of its work and recording its dissolution. This meeting has however not been held, though I understand the Foreign Office will try to get the record tidied up in some way.

The Potsdam Communiqué, of course, only recommended dissolution but this expression was, we understand, deliberately used in order to meet French susceptibilities. The French have since stated that they agree with the recommendation. Thus there is no doubt that all four Governments do definitely regard the Commission as dissolved.

Yours sincerely,

D. D. Maclean