740.00119 Control (Germany)/9–1845: Telegram

The United States Political Adviser for Germany ( Murphy ) to the Secretary of State

559. Office of Political Affairs has concurred in proposal to set up committee comprised of representatives of United States Group Control Council, G–5 Section, USFET (United States Forces European Theater) and Headquarters, Seventh Army to study administrative [Page 963] and political problems of Land Württemberg-Baden and to draw up instructions for Military Government official in dealing with problems involving also the parts of those Laender lying in the French zone. Muccio will represent this office on the committee.

Serious administrative problems exist in the Wurttemberg-Baden area because of the zone boundary which cuts both Laender in two.89 The regional military officer favors joint administration and certain local ad hoc joint arrangements have been worked out in Württemberg.

It is believed that three main methods exist for the solution of the problem of governing these two territories, each of which has a background of political and administrative unity. The first of these, joint French and American control of two Laender, involves great difficulties. A second method would be a new delimitation of the occupation zones which would, say, leave Württemberg in the United States zone and Baden in the French zone. This method would undoubtedly be opposed by the military authorities who, as the Dept will recall, resisted the transfer of northern Baden to the French zone on the ground that such action would seriously conflict with communication facilities and necessary supply routes to the eastern military district (Bavaria). A third method would be for the French to turn over their section of Württemberg to the American zone. In this case they would naturally wish unhampered access to their zone in Austria.90 However, we have not met difficulties in our very extensive crossing of the British zone and it is believed that French transit of our zone could be made similarly free from difficulty.

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