Memorandum by Mr. Edgar S. Furniss of the Division of American Republics Analysis and Liaison55

I called Colonel Eiseman, OPD,56 War Department concerning the reported dissatisfaction of the Venezuelan Minister of War57 with the inability to obtain replacement parts and with the complicated Lend-Lease paper work.

The Colonel said, that while he himself suffered from too much paper work, obviously there was little he could do to improve the situation. He further stated that the Venezuelan complaint at the difficulty of obtaining spare parts had been called to the attention of the Army Air Forces, which was taking remedial action, Colonel Eiseman explained that the difficulty had arisen as a result of the transfer of wood and fabric planes to Venezuela, which planes could not stand up under the climatic conditions. Rather than supply equally unsatisfactory replacement parts, arrangements were being made to send all metal planes.

E. S. Furniss
  1. Addressed to Bainbridge C. Davis, Division of North and West Coast Affairs, and to James A. Maxwell, Division of Lend-Lease and Surplus War Property Affairs. A marginal notation on this memorandum reads: “As the Milit. Attaché at Caracas undoubtedly knows this, I suggest no further action unless Ven. Gov’t raises issue.… B. C. D[avis].”
  2. Operations Division.
  3. Col. Manuel Moran.