561.333D3/6–145: Circular telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Diplomatic Representatives in Certain American Republics 27

On motion made by Dominican Republic delegate and approved by all delegates except Brazilian, Inter-American Coffee Board on May 29 voted emergency quota increase equivalent to 191.326 percent of the basic quotas. Increase takes effect June 1.

Quotas for current quota year as follows: Brazil, 17,793,318 bags; Colombia, 6,023,727 (adjusted for overshipment of 3,042 bags during 1943–44 quota year); Costa Rica, 382,652; Cuba, 153,061; Dominican Republic 229,591; Ecuador, 286,989; El Salvador, 1,147,956; Guatemala, 1,023,594; Haiti, 526,147; Honduras, 38,265; Mexico, 908,799; Nicaragua, 373,086; Peru, 47,831; Venezuela, 803,569. Total signatory [Page 362] countries, 29,738,585; total non-signatory countries, 679,207; total all countries, 30,417,792.

This emergency quota increase considered necessary by US delegate since quantity coffee likely be supplied by coffee producing countries under old quotas might have been insufficient to meet demands armed forces and civilian US. Furthermore, it was considered desirable in view uncertainty future shipping availabilities for some coffee producing areas during period redeployment to administer provisions coffee agreement with all possible flexibility so that maximum use might be made all shipping which might become available for transporting coffee US.

  1. Sent to the diplomatic representatives in the American Republics except Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Panama, Paraguay, and Uruguay.