824.24/6–1945: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Bolivia (Thurston)

443. ReEmbs 641 June 19. Lend-Lease Act16 states that items shall be transferred to other countries for the defense of the United States. While the Act has been liberally interpreted in the allocation of Lend-Lease to the other American republics, no interpretation of the Act could justify the use of Lend-Lease equipment for the transport of beef to La Paz. Planes in question were allocated to Bolivia on the basis of military necessity for the purpose of training Bolivian pilots. Diversion to commercial use in competition with established commercial airline thus not in accord with Lend-Lease Act or with specific justification for planes.


[Following the cessation of hostilities with Japan, notification was sent to Embassies of countries receiving lend-lease aid that lend-lease operations were being terminated. For text of note, see circular telegram of October 6, page 256. The note to the Bolivian Ambassador was dated September 28, 1945.]

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