811.504 Mexico/11–2645

The Mexican Ambassador ( Espinosa de los Monteros ) to the Secretary of State

No. 9126

The Ambassador of Mexico presents his compliments to His Excellency the Secretary of State and permits himself to refer to certain aspects of the problem imposed by the impossibility of immediately repatriating Mexican workers contracted for employment in the United States during the period of the war emergency.

A considerable portion of these workers have been obliged to remain in the United States even after the termination of the period of their contracts precisely because of the impossibility of their being transported to Mexico. The winter now obliges them to use clothing adequate for the cold and, as this concerns individuals without resources, the Embassy will appreciate it if the Department of State will explore the possibility that such clothing be supplied them so that they can continue working until the day when they are transported to Mexico.

Moreover, the Embassy considers it indispensable that the agencies of the United States Government with jurisdiction over the problem exercise strict vigilance over the respective camps in order to insure that these are provided with appropriate heating.

Lastly, the Embassy will also appreciate it if the Department of State will ascertain if it is possible to assign some trains, formed of American equipment, to the transport of workers from those places in which the difficulties have presented themselves in most serious form to the places of contract in Mexican territory. The Department of State knows of the efforts which have been made and which are being made in Mexico to solve this difficult problem of transportation. Whatever assistance the Government of the United States can render to expedite the repatriation of these individuals, whose contribution to the war effort has been of so much importance, will be deeply appreciated by the Mexican Government.