851G.01/5–749: Telegram

The Ambassador in France ( Caffery ) to the Secretary of State


1862. While Embassy has not received copy Department’s 70, May 2, to Saigon,1 I wish to state my concurrence in general line contained latter’s 1412 [141], May 6, to Department.2

In connection with Abbott’s recommendation for “immediate and continued pressure” (Paragraph 4–a), in which I expressly concur, I suggest that in immediate stage it would be helpful, in event Embassy is to undertake such representations, if they could be accompanied by indications our intentions according b, c, and possible d, same paragraph, provided representations are successful.

Sent Department 1862 (for action); repeated Saigon 73 (for information).

  1. The Department repeated telegram 70 in telegram 1522, May 10, 8 p. m., to Paris.
  2. Supra.